2000 West End Avenue  Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 329-4260

During my visit last night I ordered a combo plus some value items and the lady gave us our order with out my drink. I advised her I had ordered a drink, my daughter heard me order and my total was NOT given at the order board, I was advised to pull around for my total. I should not have to stay on top of my order. When I asked for my drink she said she didn’t ring it up and had to charge me for it. When that happens at Mcdonalds they just give you the drink because it is their mistake but the Checkers associate told me TWICE I needed to re-pay for something I already ordered. This happened on my very FIRST visit to Checkers too two weeks ago but I left without half my food as opposed to dealing with this. I did ask her if there was something wrong w/the audio system and she just shrugged and told me I had to pay for it again. I am DEEPLY dissapointed and this is my 3rd incident at Checkers, not a SINGLE VISIT has gone right.


Checkers customer service and executive emails have gone unanswered in response to this review.