Which Wich

12.16.2013 11:30am

West End Ave

West End Ave

While the service level of the cashier and sandwich maker was acceptable – Which Wich is one of the slower places to get a meal at for some reason that I’ve NEVER been able to figure out – never go there when you only have 1/2 hr for lunch – what I CAN say is this:

Corey Wilson gave excellent service above and beyond the call of duty. He followed up on orders, engaged customers and filled their drinks. I would have and would never have expected this from Wich Wich!

Corey made this turn into an outstanding service visit. Way to go!

Update 1/3/2014: The slowness of Which Wich wasn’t meant as a negative, I’m not 100% sure there’s much you can do to speed it up. I know Jersey Mike’s is faster, Subway is too fast, but Mitchell’s Delicatessen in East Nashville is as slow as Which Wich. I think the main thing to keep in mind is to mark your bag on the back so you can see it roll down the line, and also to allocate enough time per visit – there have been times I only had 30 minutes and probably should have gone somewhere else due to my own time constraints, as my average wait at Which Wich in West End and Brentwood is about 15-20 minutes per sandwich. Again, not a negative, one waits for good food and good service. Mitchells is also worth the wait. So not a negative, but be sure to leave yourself enough time. The food itself is worth it.

Also in fairness this reviewer used to work at a ‘made to order’ sandwich place.