IF you don’t know who Glenn Britt from Time Warner Cable is, you should. He is a visionary.

I don’t have cable TV. Why? Because I only watch 2 programs – Once Upon a Time on ABC and DOCTOR WHO as aired on the BBC. I watch these programs online.

Glenn Britt knows that. Well not me specifically but he knows people are PICKING and CHOOSING in a very consumer driven way what they want to watch – whether it’s HULU, Netflix, Hulu Plus, or network websites such as ABC.com.

Glenn Britt wants programmers to UNBUNDLE their channels. You pay a lot for MTV, VH1, ESPN, etc because in the deals, Time Warner has to pay for MTV2, VH1 Classics and a bundle, forgive the pun, of other stations people do NOT watch to get the ones they DO watch. It’s the EXACT opposite of Pay-Per-View where you pay for only what you want.

When you have a high cable bill it’s not ALWAYS the Cable Company. It’s the way they have to buy programming from ‘bundlers’. Cable Companies believe it or not are regulated by local municipalities, there’s not much they can do rate-wise that would be ‘out of line’. They are at the mercy of programmers who won’t allow YOU to pick and choose what YOU want to watch.

He KNOWS the way Americans DO want to pick and choose their entertainment is changing. Ipads. Kindle Fires. Tablet PC’s. Microsoft Surface. Okay, maybe not that one but hey, they go the X-BOX which can do Netflix.  So we give them that.

Glenn Britt knows times are changing and he wants Cable TV to change with it. If it does not, it risks becoming obsolete.

Consumerist did an EXCELLENT article on Glenn Britt’s crusade. I tried to contact Time Warner to congratulate him but I am not in a Time Warner Cable area so this blog post will have to do.

Glenn Britt will succeed and the future of cable TV will be paved by him and others like him who are brave enough to challenge the way we do things today, and recognize the way we will be doing things tomorrow.