I am an independent voter with a conservative bent and am registered as a Republican. The gubernatorial race is already heating up with some high profile candidates such as Diane Black, Mae Beavers, Randy Boyd and many others. One thing is sure – I will not vote for Mae Beavers.

The reason I will not vote for Mae Beavers is due to something I categorize as a lack of maturity. In my opinion she does not know how to be a leader to all constituents. Being a leader to all constituents means dealing with those who oppose you, protest you, and generally don’t agree with you.  A good leader can do those things. They may not be able to unite but they can navigate those constituents with finesse.

In February 2017 protesters populated the legislative plaza in Nashville, TN. I believe Beavers couldn’t handle the criticisms of protesters and Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers were called in. Beavers even stated to the Associated Press that ““(The state Constitution) says anybody that disrespects a legislator when we’re in session is to be imprisoned.” according to the Tennessean

It is reported she also blocks constituents who do not agree with her on Social Media, a practice that is being reviewed in the courts since it is a form of public communication.

A good politician and leader for our state must be able to communicate with those they do not agree with. But Beavers, in my estimation, lacks coping skills and the maturity to hold this office. The legislative plaza is filled with lawmakers of all different kinds and none seemed to respond with the lack of coping skills that Mae Beavers did.

It’s time to elect anybody but Mae Beavers. We need someone that can navigate opposing viewpoints not block them or threaten them with prison. Simply put, don’t leave it to Beavers.