The people in the top of the Blog in the big photo mean a lot to me.


Left: My daughter Dorothy. During the final months of Camp Greenwood Dorothy joined my crew, replacing Ben as my right hand. As Camp Greenwood came to an end, Dorothy joined my house and my family as my daughter.

Next: Dexter . During the original Santa Monica Christmas Adventure, I was asked by United Steps founder Charles Hill to take someone who was homeless to an NBA Clippers Vs. Rockets game. That someone turned out to be Dexter. We enjoyed a photo courtesy of Toyota as well as a great game thanks in part to my generous financial supporters that year. It was a great chance to enjoy a night of sports and fun with a new friend.

Right: The lost one – Alexis. In September of 2010 I began a series of adventures in Santa Monica. During the initial 5, Alexis served as guide and friend. As I thought I was meeting my end, I also took the time to share with her some special things. Sadly, I lost contact with Alexis and my exit was a bit hurried, her final appearance wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for, as I was running around quite a bit working for a film company.

End: My Moesha! A child I helped foster during late 2008-2010. Moesha was a very special child who eventually found a “Forever Family” for for a year she was my “Mo-Mo”, who could get anything from her “Misssster Ron”!