– see this article for the news of Wendys rising above Burger King.

Wendys has been a FAVORITE fast food restaurant since I can remember. I used to order a single with bacon, cheese, onions, and lettuce which later became the bacon cheeseburger, which evolved into the baconator.  I remember there was a Wendys employee – that when I was 12, really made the experience fun through the drive thru. That was over 25 years ago.

From the Superbar days (when the Wendys employee had to explain to me the concept of “all you can eat buffet”)  to now, I’ve ALWAYS loved Wendys and the taste – and quality has only gotten better as I’ve gotten older and older with each passing year. Now my order is a #4 1/4lb with onions and lettuce only, upsized with an Iced Tea unsweetened and a Jr. Bacon with onion and lettuce only. I’ve been ordering that style since I can remember, no matter what the product was called at the time. It always throws off Wendys employees all over the country but inevitably most get it right.

As an adoptee I always appreciated Dave Thomas’s awareness for orphans – and as a Six Million Dollar Man fan I enjoyed seeing his cameo in “Bionic Ever After”. Wendys has been a part of my life for 25 years. Congratulations to Wendys for achieving this milestone! It’s been a great rise and I look forward to seeing Wendys continue to make it to top! – Ron Hall