3458 Dickerson Pike
Nashville, TN 37207


July 18, 2013



Dear  WalMart  Management and Staff:


I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the great level of service your store has provided me over the last year or so.  I have always counted on WalMart to meet my needs in terms of the things I do.  I always try to do things that may seem…well…not normal.  WalMart has been there along the way.  As a self employed person and a single parent, my need for your WalMart truly never ends.

Most recently I’ve had two tasks that your location has aided me in. The first was inheriting a $1 million dollar non profit film company and charged by the board w/the task of closing it – by myself.  I had to transfer physical non-cash assets and that required a lot of box tape, bubble wrap, and packing supplies. I always seemed to be running out. But your WalMart was my main supplier of these things. I was working on all the paperwork required by the IRS and State of TN to close the company and I ran out of paper. Out to your WalMart I drove. I also had to transfer some of the cash asset out of the company for any post-closure emergencies and Bluebird served that need.

And less recently but still a new adventure for me – as young as I am, I chose to ‘unoffically’ foster parent’ a teenage girl and take her in as my own daughter. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination – fathering the fatherless never is. I spent 4 years out there serving as father figure for many in the community including one of your former employees, Jonathan (last name withheld), but nothing compares to actually being in the role.  Whether it’s a grocery store run, or a cosmetics run your WalMart has serviced us and made my role a lot easier. You even offered her a job at one point however she had to decline – she’d already gotten one at Opry Mills Charlotte Russe location. Single foster parenting is hard but WalMart makes it easier by supplying our needs so I can focus on  preparing her to leave this newly built nest.  My daughter also cashes her paycheck every two weeks at your WalMart.

I’ve had a good relationship with retail – I spent a few years with Nielsen and Crossmark doing in-store marketing studies, I’ve had some great conversations with Gregg Steinhafel – the CEO of Target.   I have a great appreciation for what retall provides people and specifically the need both WalMart and Target – though competitors – fill both for consumers and as employers. Specifically your WalMart brought a great number of jobs to this area.

I know not every day is easy, I know turnover can be high. I know customers can be challenging and training never seems to end. But just know that there’s one customer out there who appreciates all you do both for him and for this community he loves so much.

Special recognition to Melissa (last name withheld), Tkeyah, Simone (whom I’d met at the East Nashville Walmart Neighborhood Market), and Catona. They are the faces of this Walmart to me and are OUTSTANDING at what  they do.   There are plenty of places to buy what you supply. But only one place that I choose to go – because of these outstanding people and the many others in your store who make what I do possible.  I can’t do it without you.



Ron Hall