Walmart Supercenter

3458 Dickerson Pike
Nashville, TN 37207
Having been a part of East Nashville community for 4 years, one of the hardest part was just having K-Mart. But that changed a few years ago – We got Walmart Super Center at 3458 Dickerson Pike.
I’ve been amazed at the level of service and hospitality offered by the employees, particuarly Melissa and Catona. Though I’m sure they have lives, worlds, problems and bills like the rest of us, they seem to leave those at home and bring a smile to their job.
I have a habit of leaving things at WalMart when I checkout – a bag or two. It costs me gas to turn around and come back. Sometimes I end up with other people’s stuff who did the same – just left it in the spinner that holds the bags. But Melissa is sharp, she makes sure I leave with what I purchased.
I was doing a last minute photo print order at 8:40 and as I was changing my mind due to time, an employee named “Catona” came after me to make sure I didn’t need help. That’s really really out of the ordinary, as many retail employees see customers as interruptions and not people who need help.
Catona and Melissa – together they make WalMart a good experience for me and I wouldn’t shop anywhere else…until they move on to other jobs! They save me gas, time and money!