5/11/2020 Update: I had to take a very sick kitty to the vet nearby so I stopped in and spoke to the actual store manager. He was able to resolve my issue beyond my expectations. The matter is now closed for me and he is investigating it further on his end.

– On 5/7/2020 I saw an Arcade1Up Pac-Man machine opened as a display unit. It had a WalMart price tag on it of $199. I wanted to know since it had a replacement joystick and was really beat up if it could be sold as a display unit for less. I could not find a manager to ask about it during my visit.

I called the management of WalMart at 4040 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211on 5/8/2020 at 2:00pm. My hold time was over 2 hours.

I used another phone I have to call 10 times to get an associate to get a manager to pick up the other phone call. I kept getting either no answer, hung up on, or apologies that they could not get a manager because the managers were OUTSIDE WITHOUT Walkie Talkies. I was told they were being paged instead.

What were they doing outside? Aren’t they supposed to be inside helping customers and taking calls? For 2 HOURS? I called them with my other phone several times to remind them I was on the line waiting!

I can’t afford one of these but was hoping because the open one was beat up and abused that they might knock some money off and make it affordable for me. All my money goes to helping rescue neglected and abandoned animals. We rescued 28 dogs over the last few months from my area including many newborn pups. Such is life. But why the 2 hour wait time for a manager simply to tell me “No, we can’t sell it to you?” – I’ll never know. The Employees didn’t have an answer incidentally. Retail is $199 so I wanted to see if due to the replaced Joystick, front damage, and overall wear if they’d sell it for $74. It was in pretty worn and bad condition. But a las, 2 hours to wait for a manager who was…outside.

Update: On Saturday May 9th I got a voice mail from the store manager but when I tried to all back, it was another ‘wait on hold’ extravaganza