Lack of compassion by McDonalds management towards someone who’s lost everything… This is a former Bertuca Organization McDonalds Location now McGrayco McDonalds. See how Burger King in Madison TN  demonstrates professionalism and compassion in the same situation. 

1201 Broadway  Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 255-6313
"No Bags Allowed" - a policy to manage the homeless who come into the store.

“No Bags Allowed” – a policy to manage the homeless who come into the store.

I am at the former Bertuca Organization McDonalds at 1201 Broadway in downtown nashville enjoying an extra value meal, on my computer with Mcdonalds WiFi when there a crash that sends the air towards me.

The manager has SLAMMED a tray down on the table behind me, which sent a violent sound and gust of air my way, telling the homeless person who was asleep he could not sleep.

Now I understand they have to address the homeless coming in but this was unacceptable. There are other ways of interacting with the homeless. I advised the manager on duty that I had the franchisee’s Cell phone number.  He said “so do I”. No apology. Just went off to work behind the counter after that.  His attitude towards me was the same as his attitude towards the homeless man – cold, callous and unapologetic.


I’ve worked with homeless in New York City and in Los Angeles. I’ve seen how they’re treated in two of the nations greatest cities. With respect, dignity, and compassion. But here in the Volunteer State at this McDonalds in Downtown Nashville they are treated with hostility. I’ve never seen such a LACK of compassion.  Or lack of sensitivity.

This was a night where the PREDATORS were playing so there are a lot of people downtown including some tourists. This is the compassion of the Volunteer State in the middle of Southern Hospitality?

The manager could have asked the gentleman kindly to move on. He did have a McDonalds bag and food so he was technically a customer who fell asleep. He may have had mental illness in which case this manager’s violent attempt to wake him up could have put ALL CUSTOMERS at RISK. Period. Sadly many homeless have mental illness too.  So this manager could have also caused a violent incident and injury to another customer. He could have simply said “hello” and had a small conversation with him. Saying “hello” goes a long way towards reversing the cycle of homelessness.

The manager should, in my opinion, receive training on how to interact with the homeless. Perhaps a few Tuesdays ”under the bridge‘ or Volunteer at ‘Room at the Inn‘.  Or perhaps he needs to ‘lose everything’ and be homeless to understand what he has done to this man.  What I saw tonight in my opinion was the WORST of McDonalds, the worst treatment towards the homeless, and the worst display of humanity’s treatment of one another.

Not a single McDonalds staff member stood up either. I think they should ALL do 3 Tuesdays ‘under the bridge‘. Maybe that would equip them better on how to interact w/the homeless. They are not a problem to be managed. They are real people and in this economy, many of us are 1 paycheck away from being homeless.

This McDonalds owes this man a meal if he comes in again, as far as I’m concerned – and if I see him and he’s hungry then I’ll buy the meal.  And this McDonalds needs a lesson…in humanity.

The management of this location was offered a chance to respond and be published. No response has been received.