“Former wide receiver Chris Boyd pleaded guilty to trying to cover up the rape. In doing so, he has become a key prosecution witness to what happened that night and is expected to testify against his teammates, who were thrown off the team and banned from campus.”

I would challenge that Chris Boyd is not the only one who knows what is going on and that the Student Body has a responsibility as well to assist in finding the truth. That is my premise for my response:

A response to Gail Kerr’s article

It’s simple. Vanderbilt’s STUDENT BODY cares more about sports than the rape of a young girl. ALL STUDENTS not just the teammates can put pressure on the student in question to determine the truth. But Vanderbilt students are weak in this area. If the entire campus united about RAPE as much as they united about Sports, this would not be an issue. But there is not one brave Vandy student willing to step up and rally for truth. Truly…sad…that Gail Kerr from the Tennssean must be the one to sound the trumpet…If you are a VANDY student, speak to your fellow students, mount some pressure for the truth.  VANDY should suspend ALL SPORTS until this matter is settled. But it appears Vandy values sports more than a young lady’s safety.