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Holy 'I'm Getting Nothing for Christmas'! Flixster / Warner took away my digital downloads!

Holy ‘I’m Getting Nothing for Christmas’! Flixster / Warner took away my digital downloads!

Previously, I downloaded all 120 episodes in HD of Batman on Flixster with the redemption code in the limited edition box set that ran about $289 + tax retail from Diamond Distributors. It was a special edition comic book store set. The episodes subsequently were not recognized by Flixster after about a month. I asked Flixster to troubleshoot.

At first they were unable to restore the set.  They suggested I redownload. I advised them that at 120gb I couldn’t afford to due to Comcast’s residential bandwidth cap. I suggested SEVERAL times to be allowed to visit Warner Nashville (the music label office) and download from Comcast Business Class. They would not or could not do that.

Then they were able to get SOME files working but Batman being a 2-part episode series, many of the files were Part 1 or Part 2 but not Part 1 & 2 of the same episode. They only got a few episodes working.

Finally, I suggested they send me a flash drive (64gb) with the missing episodes, it would have cost them $24 + time and postage to send me the correct files and let the app recognize them. They would not our could not do that.

As a final gesture, I advised them that the box set has 3 components, the Blu Rays, the Digital files, and the special trinkets (a book “Batman – the TV stories , the Batmobile, and trading cards) – each one worth about $100 for a total of $300, and that they could refund $100. (the episodes on digital download are worth about $120 retail on Itunes but we won’t split hairs). They opted for the refund.

In the end I am pleased with the outcome, even though I’d love to have the legitimate digital versions running, the refund is a fair and equitable option. Kudos to Flixster.