Wearing a  hoodie and  carrying a shopping bag doesn't mix at Family Dollar

Wearing a hoodie and carrying a shopping bag doesn’t mix at Family Dollar

Family Dollar

I was at  Store 02297 Due West on 1/12/15 at 6:30pm. I have previously spent many many many many hours in MANY Family Dollar Locations including an outstanding one at 2700 Gallatin Pike. I have been a vendor for these stores at one time and used to visit MANY Family Dollars and spend HOURS and HOURS on end inside. They have always been welcoming.

But last night I came in after shopping at the Thrift Store next door. The Cashier demanded I surrender my shopping bag, I refused and said I’d prefer to hold on to it, she called management as I was shopping. I had planned to buy some items but instead just left with one. She was VERY intimidating. She said it was store policy but honestly, in ALL my travels in ALL the stores I’ve been in from here to KY to Morristown TN, I’d never been treated like that and I’d NEVER EVER seen a SINGLE CUSTOMER flagged for a bag.

I understand some stores have this policy but the hostility in which she addressed it was very unusual.  It was worse than a WalMart bag checker being breezed by.

She acted like I was GUILTY before INNOCENT. I was wearing a hoodie and sweatpants from having worked out at the gym the previous hour and wasn’t in my normal vendor type of clothes but regardless I’ve never even seen any of your customers in tenure as a vendor get flagged down like I did. Was it because I was wearing a hoodie??!!! That’s pretty prejudical right there.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences for 8 years inside Family Dollar Stores but Store 02297 made me feel like a criminal and I have seen other customers walk in and out with shopping bags without being flagged. I think me being in the hoodie was what got me flagged, not the shopping bag. I don’t appreciate being pre-judged.

I offered to let her inspect the contents of the bag at checkout and she refused. In most situations this is also acceptable. But what I had in the bag was sensitive so surrendering it wasn’t an option. Regardless I’ve NEVER seen anything like this in my 8 years travelling to different Family Dollars, some of them in a professional capacity.