Uber operates illegally

Uber operates illegally

People who like decentralization aspects of Uber are in for a shock – the corporate entity that is UBER can gather YOUR data and use it as they please.

Uber’s Latest Privacy Problems: “Ghost Texting” Drivers’ Contacts, Collecting Android Users’ Data at Consumerist says:

Android device owners who use Uber, meanwhile, might need to worry about a whole lot more than spam to their contacts. The app, as it turns out, not only has access to every piece of data about your phone, but also reports that information back to Uber.

Is this the same as what licensed legitimate taxi drivers get??

Another website puts it more succinctly: Uber’s Android app collects an ‘uncool’ amount of data about users, security pro says

“Christ man! Why the hell would it want access to my camera, my phone calls, my wifi neighbors, my accounts, etc?” Giron says in the blog.

The app accesses voice call and messaging histories, data usage history, Wi-Fi connections, and any kind of Device ID that may be available. Device ID is often used to target ads at specific devices.

There is no free ride for Uber drivers. Nashville Metro City Council probably hasn’t considered this.

It’s probably the ultimate payback though for these lawbreakers.

As posted on Slashdot, “Uber’s Android App Caught Reporting Data Back Without Permission”

Security researcher GironSec has pulled Uber’s Android app apart and discovered that it’s sending a huge amount of personal data back to base – including your call logs, what apps you’ve got installed, whether your phone is vulnerable to certain malware, whether your phone is rooted, and your SMS and MMS logs, which it explicitly doesn’t have permission to do. It’s the latest in a series of big-time missteps for a company whose core business model is, frankly, illegal in most of its markets as well.

“illegal in most of it’s markets as well” – Nashville Metro City Council seems to embrace this activity which is illegal in most of the other markets it operates in. How long before Metro City Council legalizes other criminal activity?