Uber operates illegally

Uber operates illegally

Uber Drivers are lawbreakers. More proof:


City Council says Uber and Lyft still illegal in Austin

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is bringing thousands upon thousands to the city this weekend and Uber has partnered with ACL. Wristband holders get a $30 gift card toward an Uber ride.

“Yeah and it will be illegal,” Morrison said….

…”I think it’s a shame that two companies are choosing to break the law to make money. But I would advise all consumers to be very careful about choosing to use those services. Because you are putting yourself in harm’s way,” Kargbo said.

These companies, like Bitcoin users, AirBnB, and Lyft have little to no respect for the law. Metro Nashville should know these services are unsafe and shut them down in our city, like other cities who are real leaders in our nation do. But safety of tourists and residents apparently does not rank high for Nashville Metro City Council, allowing Lyft and Uber to operate here while they operate illegally throughout the country.

In Pittsburgh, PA and Madison, WI Uber and Lyft are encouraging illegal operations as well.


Lyft said it will pay the the drivers’ fines as well as legal assistance. “We are in conversations with local leaders in these cities and hope to identify a path forward that will allow ridesharing to thrive,” a representative told Fast Company. “These communities have all expressed excitement and enthusiasm around Lyft’s arrival as a safe, fun and reliable transportation option.” Reports suggest Uber will also cover the cost of these citations. We have also reached out to Uber and will update this post if we hear back.

So covering fines and legal assistance? That’s pretty much encouraging illegal activity. “safe, fun, reliable transportaton option”??  Let’s see our information from our previous postings:

Whenever the HEAT is on, they default to this: “The rideshare outfits counter that they are not subject to the same rules. Their position: We are not transportation companies, but technology firms whose apps are a system for independent contractors to provide rides in their personal vehicles.” Fingerprinting only one piece of dispute between Uber/Lyft and PTC

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