Lyft may be unsafe in Nashville and Illegal in parts of North Carolina, though they defiantly keep operating.

Lyft may be unsafe in Nashville and Illegal in parts of North Carolina, though they defiantly keep operating.

Some  of the more recent incidents of assault, sexual assualt, and more. Uber and Lyft continue to defend themselves as ‘technology  companies, not transportation companies’ – this is the new era of decentralization where Bitcoin can fund terrorism, Airbnb can be used for brothels,  and Uber and Lyft are free for alls for drivers who enjoy  free sexual assault – and the app has all the data from both driver and passanger.

Whenever the HEAT is on, they default to this: “The rideshare outfits counter that they are not subject to the same rules. Their position: We are not transportation companies, but technology firms whose apps are a system for independent contractors to provide rides in their personal vehicles.” Fingerprinting only one piece of dispute between Uber/Lyft and PTC

Uber Driver: Here’s How We Get Around Background Checks – Kind of scary but good to know how to evade Uber background checks if you are a sex offender who needs Uber to find new pleasures in Nashville.

Why Is Uber Charging You Extra to Not Get Assaulted? – In Nashville you’re risking being assaulted when you get in any Uber or Lyft vehicle.

How Risky is Your Uber Ride Maybe More Than You Think – Cnet – Nashville thinks it’s safe though.

Uber driver accused of hammer attack on S.F. rider – Hope Skyline Medical Center is ready to treat these type of injuries in Nashville.

Another Uber Driver Stands Accused of Sexually Assaulting Passenger – Nashville already has a sex trafficking problem. Really??!!

Uber driver arrested after putting hand inside passenger’s blouse, Orlando cops say – I guess Nashville’s a prime target for this now too.

Nashville Metro City  Council has refused to address these concerns or the risk in allowing Lyft and Uber to operate.  In a time when Stephen Collins is now facing child molestation, we can’t be too safe. He portrayed a preacher on TV. Nashville Metro City Council  doesn’t seem to care about it’s tourists and citizens being sexually assaulted or maybe even a full rape. It just allows Lyft and Uber to operate here freely. Why? I have no idea… It’s only a matter of time before a Nashvillian is raped by an Uber driver. While Metro Nashville  City  Council sits…and sits.

Lyft has already proven it continues to operate illegally in areas that have outlawed it.

Lyft, facing illegal operation fines of nearly $7 million, awaits PUC’s informal decision to extend license


Lyft Defies New York Order to Stop Operations

Ride-sharing services defy shut-down order in Pittsburgh

Virginia DMV Tells Uber And Lyft To Stop Operating “From a spokesperson: “We’ve reviewed state transportation codes and believe we are following the applicable rules. We’ll continue normal operations as we work to make policy progress.” – Lyft’s arrogance and criminal nature on display. 

Why stop at sexual assault, why not just defy orders to stop operations by local and state governments. Wait. They do.

Tuscaloosa gives Uber ultimatum, vows to start arresting its drivers; move may end operations there

Lastly, as for those ‘background checks’ Uber claims to do ? Faulty Background Checks May Put UberX Passengers at Risk, Report Says

Tuscaloosa cares about it’s citizens. Metro Nashville City Council – not so much I guess. Nashvillians take heed – Uber and Lyft have risks. Just click on any article above. Trust them with your daughters as passengers at your own risk.

If you DO find yourself in the situation of an underinsured Uber or Lyft driver in the Nashville area, or assaulted, one attorney that is on top of this is Attorney John Day. I’ve dialogued with him on this. He is up on this stuff.  This isn’t an ad for him, ,but a heads up, he is the only attorney I’ve met who knows the ridesharing pitfalls.