Travis Garland is a musician in the alternative rock scene. And 2 nights ago my daughter said he called on the phone. Social Media has change the landscape of how we interact with our stars.

Travis Garland – My daughter said he is following her in twitter, inboxes, and called her on the phone, all within a matter of minutes… Official Photo Provided  by Industry Public Relations.

“Social Media is crazy, my daughter told me she became friends with Travis Garland on Twitter last night, he was following her, inboxed her, and then called her on the phone at 2:30am last night where they discussed being hungry and making food in the middle of the night. I remember just writing fan mail and hoping to get an 8×10 six to eight weeks later! That was so nice of him!”

I often wonder what it would have been like to be able to reach out to Nancy McKeon, my big crush as I was a young adult. I still would like to hear from her one day. But she’s a very private individual.

Today with the power of Facebook I can talk to Kellie Shanygne Williams Jackson of Family Matters. To me, that’s cool. Or Gospel Pop Sensation Jade Harrell. Or rising star India Shawn. Platforms that weren’t available when I was her age.

When I was younger you wrote a letter to a star, hand wrote it, mailed it off, and maybe you got an 8×10 a few months later. But my daughter  bursts into my room at 2am Central Time  telling me Travis Garland is following her on Twitter, then says it will allow him to in-box her personally, then she says messages start coming in, and then she talked about him maybe calling her and the phone rings – and I ask if it’s him and she smiles and nods,

They talked about being hungry, making food, what other people think, etc. It’s cool because back in my day you didn’t have two way communication between a star and their fan.

Today at a meeting we talked about the power of Twitter. Thanks to Travis Garland and my daughter  telling me about him following her, inboxing her, and calling her at 2:30am on early Wednesday morning!

Social Media changes the way we interact with each other. It changes business, relationships, and people. Just ask my daughter about her inboxing Travis Garland and him in-boxing back!