TNLG – The Next Level Games

2064 Gallatin Road North  Madison, TN 37115
(615) 859-8654

I’ve had kids ask me for rides to go to TNLG, or The Next Level Games to buy cards, participate in tournaments, and do business there but I will not help give this company any business. I turn down requests and the kids -and their money stay home.

Several years ago I went to TNLG – The Next Level Games in a previous location in Madison, TN. I felt they were very rude and condescending.

Yesterday I went back in and I saw Heroclix sitting in a box on a table out in the open. I started looking for a “brainiac” Heroclix and a man yelled across “DON’T GO THROUGH THAT” and I said “Sorrrry” and told him I hadn’t been here in years and nothing had changed, it was still rude here.

There was no reason for him to yell like that especially for product that was sitting out with other sale products. This store is known primarily for card gaming, Magic, Pokemon Tournaments, etc in Nashville, TN as well as Pokemon Cards for Sale, Magic Cards for Sale, Tournaments, etc. They need to have a class on how to come out from behind the cards and interact with society.

The demeanor here was very curt, short, lacking in politeness, manners, and general social skills / graces. Put the cards down and learn to interact with real people and the real world. That’s all I ask. Everyone has a hobby and to some kids this is all they may have but they also need to learn how to communicate and interact in the real world and my experience at The Next Level Games in Madison / Goodletsville / Nashville, TN is a very bad example.

I am deeply disappointed with The Next Level Games in Nashville (Madison) TN.