salvation-armyThe Salvation Army Store

Address: 1202 Gallatin Pike S, Madison, TN 37115

Phone:(615) 891-4822


Good store but a few words of warning, check the electronics. They are currently selling an empty box that is supposed to be a a Wireless-G networking card but the card hasn’t been in the box since the store opened. I check periodically.

They also have a Mintek 5861 5″ DVD player, looks like new for over $20 (Ebay price on these is about that) but the player’s screen doesn’t work, only audio. Their pricing for the empty box network card and the Mintek 5861 is way off, especially the DVD player which only has value for someone else with the Mintek 5861 who needs the batteries, cables, or manuals / box.

This store should check it’s electronics, it’s my understanding Goodwill stores check electronics plus offer returns. This is a nice store serving the community but they really need someone to make sure the electronics are in the boxes and that they work, as the empty network card box has been empty…for weeks!! At least since Ms. Cheap visited. I’d offer them $5 for the Mintek 5861 non-working player assuming all the accessories and box were included as they are now. But not over $20. They should hire someone to check electronics on the floor, to test them.

I applaud the Salvation Army, employees, and volunteers – but they need to invest in someone to check the computer and electronics for sale as they are not bargains, or Ms Cheap style items, they are non working or not present and not worth what is tagged on them.