After the last email about the Bertuca Organization Nashville McDonalds shorting us sauce and costing us gas to go back, along with the main office shorting us a meal, I requested a $10 gift card so I can redeem it at a non Bertuca Organization restaurant..

What was interesting is the card came from The Bertuca Organization with a printout of my email but no apology for the missing sauce, no apology for the missing meal, just the copy of the email, a gift card and a receipt. Its another reflection of the Bertuca Organization McDonalds way of doing things Рcustomer service is last.

I’m glad I wasn’t raised “Bertruca” in this “Organizaton” of “McDonalds in Nashville”.

I was raised better than that – and better than a “Bertuca”. So end the saga of TBO McDonalds and me because I ain’t havin’ that!