missing-person-1756985_1920A few months ago I saw a Wells Fargo foreclosure property in Springfield, TN. I wanted to find out more about it and how I could possibly get financing for it. I went to my local Wells Fargo branch where I was was referred to a mortgage representative, a “Reginald V. Page”. I spoke to Mr. Page on the phone and my information was forwarded to him. I never heard back from him.

As the property was revealed to have a contract on it (a simple returned call from Reginald V. Page could have saved days of work) , I started looking at other properties including manufactured homes, of which Wells Fargo is the only bank that specializes in that in Nashville, TN. Once again I came into the West End Avenue Nashville branch and once again I was referred to “Reginald V. Page”. This time I got his email address. I was promised a return call. A week went by and no call.

Finally 1 week later “Reginald V. Page” called back saying he was working away from the office that week and did not check his voice mails at the office. He promised to look into my issue with manufactured home financing. Another 2 weeks went by and nothing.

I spoke to executive customer service about the mysterious disappearance of Reginald V. Page. Was he discriminating against me? Was he dead? Was he paralyzed and injured in a car accident? Was he kidnapped? Where in the world was Reginald V. Page? His email, reginald.v.page@wellsfargo.com still worked.  So where was he?

Calls to a Tiffani E Abang were not productive as she would not reveal the existence of Reginald V Page. Maybe Reginald is being held hostage by Chase or Bank of America? Maybe Reginald V. Page  just doesn’t like to deal with Asian Americans. Or maybe Reginald V. Page is DEAD!

As Wells Fargo’s CEO sits at a congressional hearing maybe someone should ask him the whereabouts of Reginald V. Page. Maybe he’s laying in a grave 6 feet under a Wells Fargo location. It’s hard to say. I have not heard from Mr. Page since my initial inquiries.

Mr. Tim Sloan, CEO of Wells Fargo  states during the hearing, ““When I hear the word arbitration, what I hear is the word ‘failing,’ and when we have to resort to — and have to have a conversation with our customers about — arbitration, it means that we don’t have the right product, we haven’t provided it in the right way, we haven’t responded to their complaint, and we haven’t made it right to them,”. The same could apply to the whereabouts of Reginald V. Page.

Even Lindsay Rowland of Wells Fargo Mortgage hasn’t given a clear answer as to where Reginald V. Page or his body are at. We hope he is alive. We pray for his safe return. Oh where oh where has Reginald V. Page been all this time?

UPDATE: 10/19/2017

http://viewsnewsandreviews.com/uploads/wells-letters-2.pdf – Letter from Tiffani E. Abang which makes NO MENTION of where Reginald V. Page is or what has happened to him.

http://viewsnewsandreviews.com/uploads/wells-letters.pdf – Letter from Lindsay Rowland which denies discrimination yet makes no mention of why there was no follow up or the whereabouts of Reginald V. Page of Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Much like Wells Fargo CEO, these employees make denials without any solid information on what is really going on. Click on the PDF links to read the letters which make no mention of Reginald V. Page. It’s as if Wells Fargo ‘buried him’.

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Update: Wells Fargo has verified Reginald V. Page is alive and employed by Wells Fargo however they stated some inaccuraces in their latest letter:

  1. They stated that “you did speak with Reginald in June 2017, about your financing options, however; you declined to submit an application.
    1. This conversation was not about traditional financing options, it was about a mobile home property that Wells Fargo owned. I was looking into the status. Reginald never called back about it.
  2. You again, spoke with Reginald in August 2017, but no application was submitted as a result of that conversation either.
    1. I was following up on this mobile home property. Reginald returned my call to say he had been working out of the office, hadn’t checked his messages, and promised to call back once back in the office. He never did.

Wells Fargo still has NOT addressed by Reginald V. Page never returned my calls or emails after these two occasions, only stated I never put in an application. I was not calling about an application, I was calling about the status of a property Wells owned and financing for mobile homes in general. Reginald V. Page never returned my inquires on either and no application process was ever discussed.

Seeing as Wells Fargo employees have been lying about insurance, false accounts, and other matters it comes as no surprise the latest letter, from Mackenzie Kelly, is full of inaccuracies.

We continue to pursue Wells Fargo as to why Reginald V. Page never returned my inquires in June or August and since he’s currently employed at Wells Fargo, why he has not reached out to this day to answer any of our questions. We are happy he is alive but it seems he has become part of deception at Wells Fargo.

http://viewsnewsandreviews.net/uploads/wells-fargo-letter-3.pdf  the latest letter from Mackenzie Kelly