It was a normal service call on Tuesday morning. I was leaving heading to a client’s office, cruising up I-65N when I passed the Old Hickory on-ramp. A car was coming over into my lane and didn’t see me. I didn’t have much time at all and swerved to avoid him.

Something went wrong. My car spun out of control and I was fish-tailing all over I-65 for a little, and then ended up perpendicular to traffic. That is to say, all oncoming traffic was heading towards the driver-side of my car like a “T”. I reversed very quickly into the shoulder.

It happened so fast I didn’t even see my life flash before my eyes, but the whole time I was just thinking “any minute now one of these cars could hit me and it could all be over”. But Thank God, it was not.

I don’t know whether it was the enemy trying to take me out or angels coming to the rescue. I had my car inspected and it’s fine.   I prayed and was thankful to come home later that night to my step-daughter.

Even now, I think about the things that have happened since then, the time we’ve spent together, the things we’ve done, whether it’s taking her and a friend to the mall or just sitting quietly in the house all night long. She is the most important thing to me and I almost didn’t get home to see her again.

I am just thankful for another day to come home …