Today I cast my first Democratic vote ever - in the primary - for Bernie Sanders - as Tennessee early voting expanded today.

Today I cast my first Democratic vote ever – in the primary – for Bernie Sanders – as Tennessee early voting expanded today.

I have been a Conservative Republican for the last decade and a half. I have been a born-again Christian since 1999. I listened faithfully to the Sean Hannity Show.

But the behavior of Ted Cruz formost solidified my vote for Bernie. Ted Cruz misled voters through ‘voter violation notices’ and telling his supporters Carson dropped out – as reported in the New York Times – (“Ted Cruz’s Campaign Spread False Report in Iowa That Ben Carson Was Quitting Race“, Feb 5, 2016) whether you believe it was CNN or Cruz is irrelevant in my estimation, it’s dirty tactics at best and his ‘voter violation notices’ have already been declared illegal.

The New Yorker reported on this, as well as the fact that Cruz was unapologetic – (“Ted Cruz’s Iowa Mailers Are More Fraudulent Than Everyone Thinks“, January 31, 2016)

On Saturday night, Cruz responded. “I will apologize to no one for using every tool we can to encourage Iowa voters to come out and vote,” he told reporters during a campaign stop in Sioux City. – “Ted Cruz’s Iowa Mailers Are More Fraudulent Than Everyone Thinks, January 31, 2016.

Ted Cruz has won the “evangelicals” over , proclaiming his Christianity – a group that often considers Obama the “anti-christ”, “a threat to religious freedom”, etc has had the wool pulled over their eyes by Ted Cruz who is believed to have deceived Iowa voters in order to win the election.  Evangelicals by droves are attaching themselves without judging him by the same standard they judge President Barack Obama.

If Evangelicals actually  did judge Ted Cruz as harshly as they do President Obama, they would not support Ted Cruz. It’s that simple. But for some reason the first African American President is under more scrutiny for his sins than the Republican-who-would-be-king.  The Republicans would blame ‘the media’ for my take on Ted Cruz. That’s always the target – ‘The Media’. But this is Ted Cruz and Evangelicals are protecting their own liar and deceiver.

He also fails to show up at votes. That’s what he’s paid to do…vote.

Ted Cruz came to Washington two-and-a-half years ago pledging to be the anti-senator. But he’s been more like the no-show senator.

The Texas Republican seriously lags most of his colleagues in attending hearings and casting votes in what has been a Senate career long on rhetoric and short on Senate business. (Ted Cruz The Senator Heard but not Seen, Politco)

If I pay a Pastor to preach, he shows up to preach. I pay Senator Cruz (the tax payers do) to show up for votes in the senate, he’d better show up or refund the tax payer’s money. He chooses neither. Would you pay me if I didn’t do work on your website but you hired me at a salary to do so? You would consider me a thief and a liar. That is what I consider Ted Cruz and the basis on which I make that call.

He also discriminates. When it comes to the Syrian refugees it’s either you let them in or you don’t…and you don’t discriminate. Ted Cruz discriminates and you can’t do that in America. He appeals to the Christians to let in the Christian refugees but not the Muslim refugees, who may be equally persecuted

 Cruz has applied a “religious test” to judge which refugees to admit, in the words of the White House, telling reporters across South Carolina this weekend that he would admit all persecuted Christians to the U.S. but no persecuted Muslims. (Ted Cruz: Muslim refugees from Syria should go to other Islamic countries, CNN)

So why Bernie Sanders then? Simple. I’m out of candidates. Carson, Kasich, Bush, and Rubio aren’t realistic candidates. Hillary is more of the same. In fact I can’t really tell them all apart. Then there’s Bernie Sanders.

I’ve watched both the Republican and Democratic debates. I’ve only missed a few Republican debates and 1 Democratic debate. Bernie Sanders comes across as genuine. He understands how frustrated people in this country are. He sees the abuses of big business. Do I support all his ideas? No.

I do not believe a $15/hr wage will solve any problems. I do believe it will create unemployment problems. Do I believe in socialism? Not as a whole. But I do believe he brings good ideas to the table and like Donald Trump, he says what he means and means what he says.

There are some ideas he has which are good but need work. I do believe in free education. We have that in Tennessee with Tennessee Promise. The program still needs work such as students actually reaching their community service goals, and mentors actually connecting with students but it’s a start.  While I don’t believe in socialized medicine, the current system is broken and it needs to be re-evaluated which Bernie Sanders has answers for – unlike the slate of Republicans. I may not like all his answers but he does have them. We almost had InsureTN. Bernie Sanders and Tennessee have something in common – Tennessee Gov. Haslam and Bernie Sanders are both problem solvers.

In the end, I voted today. I voted in the Democratic Primary for Bernie Sanders. I am as unapologetic for it as Ted Cruz is for his cheating and deceiving in Iowa. What does that make me? Proud that I voted for Bernie Sanders.