Uber operates illegally

Uber operates illegally

The Tennesean is covering the woes of Lyft and Uber:

Last month, Uber executive Emil Michael suggested the company budget $1 million to expose the privates lives of journalists critical of the company, as well as their families, calling out Lacy’s coverage in particular. The comments rightfully sparked outrage from Lacy, who has since hired a bodyguard, and from national media outlets decrying such tactics. Uber must mature amid PR woes  (The Tennessean)

“It’s not only a bastardization of the First Amendment, which most people think is a good thing for the country, but going after people’s families is pretty dirty stuff,” Lacy said in a telephone interview Monday. “I think the level of shock you had from most of the national media shows this is not normal.”

It’s scary that the city of Nashville is willing to allow a company like this to do business here.  But all is not lost, commercial liabilty policies will be required:

The council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve on a second of three readings legislation that would require Uber and Lyft vehicles be insured by a commercial liability policy and inspected regularly. It would also mandate background checks for drivers. Uber, Lyft regulations advance in Metro Council (The Tennessean)

It’s a step in the right direction but I doubt many Lyft and Uber drivers will actually comply.

Nashville has allowed itself to be manipulated over and over by Lyft and Uber. We’ll see how this turns out.