From writer Ron Hall:

mobile-phone-1230984_960_720“I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 11 years. On Monday May 22, 2017 my Samsung Galaxy SII breathed it’s last breath and would not reboot or reload. It had is an older phone and has served me well. I recently re-acquired my daughter’s phone, an Iphone 5 and thought I could switch SIMS. The SIM in the Samsung was too large for the Iphone. This was an emergency. My sister had a terminal illness and was in hospice. She was not expected to make it much longer.

I called the T-Mobile store at 1921 b Gallatin Pk, Madison, TN 37115 and asked for a new SIM card. They advised me that to step down to the smaller one I’d have to pay $25. I advised them  I have been a customer for 11 years but they would not help me in this emergency. I did advise them it was an emergency.

I reached out to T-Mobile’s Twitter support. They were also unwilling to help in my emergency. After several exchanges including canned responses, they finally agreed to mail one but it would take 7-10 business days. I was deeply disappointed so I sent out emails to some T-Mobile executives hoping to get Executive Customer Services’ attention.  They responded 5 days later. They advised me that the best they could do is mail out a card or let me get a card at the T-Mobile store and give me a credit for the amount the store was charging. There was only one issue to this great solution – T-Mobile waited 5 days to respond. My sister passed away that morning.

Had T-Mobile responded on Tuesday with that offer instead of Friday it would have been great. I used to be a T-Mobile cheerleader. I used to recommend T-mobile. I even have a line I have no use for  – active on T-Mobile out of loyalty and cost effectiveness. I supported John Legere on social media. Now though T-Mobile treated me like a ‘carrier’ not an ‘uncarrier’.  11 years means nothing to the uncarrier!”

Straight from the customer!

Update: 5/31/2017: Tmobile response from “Felicia P” upon being reminded of the death and circumstances: “I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Have a great day!” – how can one have a ‘great day’ in these circumstances.  Felicia is a Specialist, Executive Response which “A Division of the Office of the President” – so from the office of the president comes this response over “death” – thank you John Legere!

Update 6/30/2017: Tmobile has agreed to two credits to the account plus a sim card at no charge via us mail to settle this matter.