T-Mobile has responded – a bit disappointing considering that the offer was sent to me by mistake and they still will not offer it on the ‘Value Plan’.

I am disappointed since it was T-Mobile’s mistake sending me the offer after I switched plans, but appreciate the response in a timely manner. It was not my fault that the Text offer went out in a window after I switched plans.  I am deeply dissapointed T-Mobile is not honoring this offer considering other customers on the ‘value plan’ did NOT receive this text offer and I did, which made me believe that I was eligible. In any case, I appreciate the response and consider the matter sadly and unsatisfactorily closed. 

Dear Mr. Hall,


We appreciate your feedback in regards to this matter. However, as indicated in our previous response, in order to qualify for this offer T-Mobile requires that you switch to a qualifying Classic rate plan. We understand if you do not want to switch from your highly discounted Value plan but if that is the case, T-Mobile cannot provide you with the LG L9 for free as indicated. Please be advised that T-Mobile is making an effort to amicably resolve this matter as you were no longer eligible for the offer and it has expired. Should you wish to take advantage of this offer please feel free to contact me directly at the number listed below no later than January 28, 2013, after which time the offer shall be rescinded.  T-Mobile respectfully declines your request to stay on the Value Plan and receive the offer for the free LG L9.


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the address listed below, this email address [redacted]


Very truly yours,