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623 Union Street · Nashville, TN 37219

On Saturday morning I went on an ‘adventure walk’ downtown. I managed to snag a free spot in front of ‘The Standard’ restaurant. For the non tourist Nashville has plenty to see from 6th Ave on up. One of the great places to stop is the Sheraton Hotel Downtown Nashville at 623 Union Street.

I stopped at the Sheraton Downtown Nashville, the Best Western at 711 Union St, and Homewood Suites at 706 Church St. In each I was able to tour the hotel, interact w/the staff to the degree they reached out, and see the demeanor of the guests.

The Sheraton Downtown Nashville was by far the BEST of the 3 hotels. The staff was VERY friendly to me, even though they were in the midst of a YMCA sponsored Youth and Government event. The front desk staff greeted me even though I looked terribly out of place and definitely not a hotel guest.

As I was going up and down the elevator, the cleaning staff waived to me, and when I was walking the hallway, and I was able to even talk a little to the cleaning staff. I am in the process of making my bedroom into a hotel style room and I’ve used the Sheraton model as a template. I’m short an ice bucket, some art, a headboard, and a TV but I know those things will come in time. So I enjoyed being in the hotel environment and being able to look at a real hotel room and see how close I was coming at home!

The Sheraton Downtown Nashville’s rooms are also amazing! Though a little compact, that are neat, clean, and nicely decorated. At a downtown hotel you’re not really spending much time IN the hotel, so that’s a bit of a tradeoff that doensn’t hurt very much. Union St is a 5 minute walk to most of Nashville’s downtown attractions plus you can jump on a bus and go anywhere else.The amenities on site are cool too, I was able to see the exercise room, a guest room, and the gift shop. In addition  the staff is HIGHLY organized, you’d never know even though there were HUNDREDS of kids wandering around for this convention plus COUNTLESS politicians and their handlers – if I were a normal guest I’d not feel overwhelmed because the Sheraton staff was managing EVERYTHING. No guest seemed more important than another guest.

The hotel is independently owned and operated under license from Starwood but you’d hardly notice a difference in terms of the great service level.  This is an amazing and comfortable hotel.

When I wandered through the Homewood Suites it was a bit challenging, there was a horrible smell, and I believe they are under renovation as a whole. But they have a neat interior, where you can look up and see all the rooms yet it feels ‘outdoors’ . The Best Western was a typical Best Western, outdoor access to all the rooms, and probably the least hospitable of the bunch to me wandering around.

All and all though if you’re looking for the best hotel to stay in when you’re in downtown Nashville, try the Sheraton Downtown Hotel. I know when the Texaco Country Showdown did it’s finals at the Ryman, they put up guests there. It’s an incredible hotel and well worth the visit.

PS – I spoke to Management afterwards – they were INCREDIBLY humble about their property.