“Ron Hall” can be a common name, and there is one Ron Hall it seems I wish I knew. That is the “Ron Hall”  that runs “Ron Hall Service Center” in Nashville, TN. Ron Hall’s Service Center fixes your car and is a trusted mechanic in the community.

I’ve sunk $4500 in my Dodge Stratus in 3 years time and racked up 80,000 miles.  Reading about Ron Hall Service Center on YELP makes me wish I’d gone to the “other” me to have my car serviced.  The reviews on YELP are very encouraging.

YELP users report lower than average pricing and good work. It seems they trust “Ron Hall” and his mechanics. The only drawback (and why I go to Firestone in East Nashville) is that issues that happen  that need fixed QUICKLY are out of luck. The boys at Firestone always patch me up quickly, sometimes within minutes when they know I’m on my way on a road trip.

But it looks like for planned maintenence and non emergancy cases, Ron Hall Service Center is the place to go. I’ll still go to Firestone East Nashville, they service me well and usually much faster than I expect, but for people closer to Nashville West, it looks like Ron Hall is the person to see.

Ron Hall’s Service Center
830 Charlotte Pike
Nashville, TN 37209

(615) 353-0326
See location here – http://nashville.citysearch.com/profile/map/9328531/nashville_tn/ron_hall_s_svc_ctr_inc.html