I’m Ron Hall. Mitt Romney probably doesn’t understand me – I sure don’t understand him. And I don’t think he makes an effort to understand me. He’s after the 5-10% of “Independents”  who can win him the election. I went from being unemployed to being an internet marketing consultant but it was a long road from one to the other.

About a year and a half ago, I lost two jobs. They were for non-profit organizations. Non Profit organizations can be exempt from paying unemployment benefits, if they don’t pay into unemployment insurance. Both of these non-profits were exempt. I should know, I helped run both. And both went under. I discovered many things.

The first thing I discovered is how hard it was to get a job.  It wasn’t for lack of trying. I had applied at so many places including WalMart where my interview scheduling was mysteriously “lost” the day before, and the manager of the Skyline WalMart  – even after a face to face encounter – would not schedule an interview with me. I have a background of 6 years at a Fortune 100 financial services company and couldn’t get hired at WalMart. I registered at temp agencies which resulted very little work, just “with your skillset you won’t be out of work for long”.

Because unemployment is a gateway to other benefits and entitlement programs from free wireless to other emergency benefits, I was a bit out of luck. How did I make it?  This is what Mitt Romney will never understand.  The power of the people in the middle / lower class. Because we band together.

First, I never stopped doing the non profit work I felt called to do – helping people. I had no employer but I still had a willingness to help and suddenly a lot of time on my hands. I had some GREAT friends who stepped in and paid things like the electric bill, helped buy food, helped cover some short falls – GREAT people. I had a friend who never hesitated to “paypal” me money when I needed it to either meet my needs or those whom I served.

Second, I volunteered to learn a new skill unpaid at a local business. This eventually led to work. I got a few small short side jobs based on my computer skills but the bottom line is I took the time to learn, without any guarantee of a job. This opportunity of course, came from a friend who stuck with me during this rough time.

Lastly, I was at the mercy of the generosity of others. You have to be in a certain place to be willing to take help from others. From my relatives to my friends, I was never ashamed to ask. There was a time when I was close to getting a job and I needed help keeping my cell phone on.

People as a whole in times of need to band together. This is how we overcome adversity, overcome obstacles, and reach success in life. People in hard situations don’t rely on the government – even Democrats, they rely on each other. Do they get help from the government? Sometimes. But do they get help from each other? All the time. Memo to Mitt Romney – get off your high cloud, come back down to earth, and live a day in the shoes of the people who aren’t going to vote for you. I did – and it changed my life.

Ron Hall is a conservative voter from Nashville TN.  In his spare time Ron works with inner city youth & the homeless population, professionally he works in the field of internet marketing, and hopes to randomly meet the actress Nancy McKeon some day.