I was just at Staples pricing out a Bluetooth 3.0 Nano Connector, Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse. Total Cost: $140.00

Amazon Equivelents (observe retail values, keyboard same exact product) $56.99

Why not change the supply to sales floor chain? The mail service changed when the Pony Express gave way to a more “modern” way to deliver messages, music delivery changed with the advent of Itunes, and it’s forerunner, Napster. Why not the whole of retail itself?

Which one am I going to buy?? I don’t consider it rude, I consider it “sharp shopping”.

Amazon Wish List on ¬†left, Staples In-Store Products on the right during a “Showrooming visit” – maybe Retail needs a complete model change from manufacturing to store salesfloor to compete instead of blaming showrooming. – A novel thought. All those rants about showrooming, amazon needing to charge sales tax…don’t bloviate…innovate!