All are NOT welcome at this Mall.

All are NOT welcome at this Mall.

The saga of Macy’s continues. After filing a BBB complaint and sending executive emails, Regan Tinsley refuses to state what happened the day I shopped at Macy’s.  Do we conclude it’s discimination since they have REFUSED to state why I was redirected to an empty register after the supervisor on duty stated I should have been waited on?

Let’s see what Reagan Tinsley has to say:


I am in receipt of your complaint forwarded to us by the Better Business Bureau.  Please accept this as a final response to your concerns on behalf of Macy’s Executive Office.

In your first question you ask why you were not waited on when you went in to theMacy’s Cool Springs Galleria store on December 17, 2013.  Please be assured that the incident you have shared has been addressed
with store management.

In response to your second question, you ask why you have not heard from Mr. Skaggs, Store Manager at Macy’s Cool Springs Galleria.  The answer to this question is your complaint was escalated to our office,
which handles complaints of this nature.  As such, you will not receive any further response or communication from Mr. Skaggs in regards to this matter.

Mr. Hall, thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention and giving me the opportunity to respond.


Reagan Tinsley

“Please be assured that the incident you shared has been addressed with store management” is not an answer to what happened that day. Sample answers would include “She was afraid of you because you wore a hoodie like Trayvon Martin”, or “She didn’t have her register till properly counted when you arrived and should have disclosed that” – but Macy’s has refused for almost 2 months to provide an answer.

It is worth noting that Macy’s has been sued for discrimination already:

“Halim Sharif, of Mount Vernon, said he was stopped after buying a $2,400 Louis Vuitton bag and setting off an alarm, although a half-dozen white customers exited without a hitch — even as their bags set off alarms near the 34th St. store’s exit.



This isn’t the first time Macy’s has dealt with a racial discrimination lawsuit. In 2005,the company paid New York state $600,000 to settle a complaint that its New York department stores were racially profiling shoppers and unlawful handcuffing them while they were being detained on suspicion of shoplifting.

So why wouldn’t Macy’s just give me an answer? Add Reagan Tinsley to the list to Donna Smith, Bill Skags, and the counteless other executives at Macy’s who refused to answer the core questions and are hiding under their desks.

After countless emails, my conclusion has to be that it is my opinion that absent any explanation that Macy’s has been requested to furnish for nearly 2 months, that Bill Skaggs and his store Macy’s along with the Macy’s executive customer service team and the Macy’s executives listed below all endorse this behavior as their silence is…deafening. All any of them had to do was hit ‘reply’ and respond.  This is only an opinion – but it is my opinion:
Terry Lundgren
Karen Hoguet
Thomas Cole
Martin Reardon
William Allen
Robert Harrison
Timothy Allen
Michael Gould
Jeffrey Kantor
Robert Harrison
Timthy Adams
Dennis Broiderick
Peter Sachs
William Hawthorne
Amy Hanson
Bradley Mays
James Sluzewski
Tony Spring
David Clark
Joe Belsky
Roman Warchola
Jeff Kolb
Brian Derda
Peter Yuen
Latonya Lawson
Darren Stoll
Margaret Hofbeck
Bill Hawk
Rick Sulz
Patricia Stromberg
Tom Reis and
Mike Kelly


This is not a false allegation, only my opinion based on lack of any response from any of the individuals on this list. I’m not here to sue, seek settlement, or any such legal action. I only want a real answer and for Macy’s to shoot straight – What happened on that day with William Skagg’s staff? Why is William Skaggs so silent and why did he break his word to dialogue about this personally? William Skagg’s verbal integrity – do what he says he will do – is non existent in this situation.  And Macy’s, by it’s silence and refusal to answer, does, in this writer’s opinion, have a lot to answer for.

The End?