unnamedPopeyes 735 Myatt Drive, Madison, TN 37115

Popeyes at this location is listed as dine-in hours being until 10pm. I arrived at Popeyes at 9:18pm and there was an African American man dining. I could be seen from the inside. I was refused service. I called into the manager-on-duty and they advised me they were closed, despite the African American man eating inside. I advised them that they are listed as being open for dine-in on the corporate website and they refused to serve me.

I asked for a General Manager’s contact information and was refused, the manager-on-duty stated it was above both their paygrades. I was advised to contact corporate but had no contact information. This location is listed as open on Popeyes.com, Google, Yelp, etc for dine-in.

I am wondering why the African American diner was allowed to eat but not me. He was not in a Popeyes uniform.

The manager-on-duty was very rude. I wanted to show them the hours on the corporate site but they were not interested in anything I had to say. Avoid.