Yes Virginia, there is butter at Pollo Tropical.

Yes Virginia, there is butter at Pollo Tropical.

I came expecting KFC at 2017 Mallory Lane, Franklin TN. Instead I found El Polo Tropical.

I was interested in Chicken. I ordered a half chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. When it was served, I asked for butter. I was told that there was butter on the mashed potatoes and butter on the corn. I told them I wanted butter for the roll. The server told me there was none. I ate my roll dry.

I thought this was odd because if you have butter for the corn and mashed potatoes, assuming they’re not frozen individual sides, you have it to give out. Still, this is no KFC, they have butter.

I refilled my drink and saw there was indeed butter on the bar beside the drinks. I spoke to the manager on duty and asked for 1 more roll – I got 2 – so I could enjoy a butter flavored roll.

Though the manager made it right, they are no El Pollo Loco or KFC – both of which have staff who know if there is butter. This is definitely a thumbs down visit and we don’t recommend this establishment.