Monica Arnold

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Monica Arnold fast became my favorite singer, and to this day is still my personal favorite. Whether it’s listening to “Angel of Mine” on a vinyl single or “For You I Will” on the Space Jam Blu Ray Disc, Monica’s music always has a special purpose and meaning to me.

Monica - Angel of Mine

Angel of Mine

Back in the the late 1990’s I heard a song that I later learned was called “Angel of Mine”. I saw the CD in the music store in the Mall – Sam Goody – but didn’t buy it. I came home and looked at my CD shelf and it was already there. I had no recollection of buying it – and that’s when I started listening to Monica. It was almost supernatural, I had no recollection what-so-ever of buying it and yet there it sat on my shelf, that very special song. I couldn’t believe it.  And this was in the day of CD singles so there were a few different versions to listen to.

Angel of Mine is an amazing song, and performed Live at the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards, it was accompanied by an incredible dance. I’ll never forget seeing that for the first time.

Monica - For You I Will

For You I Will

Different songs have different meanings over time. As life took it’s course, my favorite Monica song became “For You I Will” from the Space Jam soundtrack. I remember it was included as a bonus track on the Arista 25 Special CD, a Target Store Exclusive, so I travelled a great distance to a Target Store (they were not “everywhere” at the time”) and secured the CD. I put the CD in my portable player while still in the Target parking lost and listened to the song immediately. It was like I was there and she sang the song with such passion.

Over the course of time it was just these two songs. And then something happened. When someone new comes into your life, it’s very much like a new song. And quite often we associate songs with loves.

Monica - Street Symphony

Street Symphony

There was one special lady I met who was very streetwise and in a lot of trouble and for that, Street Symphony became my anthem of hope. I had hoped things would be different, that she would turn out different than the path she was heading, and this song really helped me deal with what was a very different relationship. To this day, it’s a very unique song to me and think to music in general.


Monica’s music means the world to me. I hope to see her again, one last time. While her last album didn’t do mass sales, as one of her fan base, I salute her and thank her for releasing the album. It means a lot to me. Perhaps in the future we shall meet again. Until then, no limits.

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