Alexis from Culver City Santa Monica

Alexis from Culver City

Alexis from Santa Monica.   In September of 2010 I began a series of adventures in Santa Monica. During the initial 5, Alexis served as guide and friend. As I thought I was meeting my end, I also took the time to share with her some special things. Sadly, I lost contact with Alexis and my exit was a bit hurried, her final appearance wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for, as I was running around quite a bit working for a film company.

I wish I could find her, talk to her again. I tried to help her out as well a few times, because she was a very special friend and laid the groundwork for me to do some amazing things with the homeless in Santa Monica.

Each passing day I lose a little more hope of ever finding my friend. I hope whatever she is doing she is doing well, and “living large!” as she used to tell me. She was going to do a Rave Store and sell Go-Go wear the last time I checked. I hope she’s had a chance to express her entrepreneurial spirit.  She was an amazing help to me.

Sadly the final time I thought I might see her, the Kiosk was gone that she worked at, and the store was closed. I remember before it closed sending her a Christmas gift through Amazon, delivered right to her Kiosk, something she stared at a window and told me she wanted – and I also remember her once saying she wanted something fairly expensive in the Kitson window – and it was so much fun getting it for her as a “Thanksgiving” gift. From introducing her to my director friend “Dan Ireland” to materializing in a hoodie ready to hit “Skid Row” for the homeless, I’ll never forget her smile and encouragement. I miss you Lexi.