Welcome to Aaliyah Online; what has become a home for the fans she left behind. We strive to bring you continuous photos, information, and other goodies on our precious Baby Girl. We ask that you please participate on our message board to interact with other devoted fans.

We’ve been asked why we still maintain this site after she’s passed. And to answer, we do it because we love her and we want to keep her legacy alive for people to see how truly remarkable she was.

Classy, humble, trendsetter, breath-takingly beautiful, talented, and being unique are just a few of the reasons why we fans admire her. She left behind a legacy for young people to work hard for their dreams and to never compromise themselves while doing so. She taught generations how to be strong in the face of adversity and gave us life lessons through the way she lived. In our hearts, we will never forget.

Aaliyah is more than a woman, more than a legend, more than a dream… that will live on forever through this site.


In another life, I was website manager for the late singer Aaliyah.

For you see, back in 1997 when I was first getting started on the web, I had websites for Monica, Brandy, and a few other artists. I also helped manage a website for the late singer Aaliyah.

Over time, the site’s traffic grew and then the unthinkable happened in August 2001. Aaliyah died. During that time, Aaliyahonline’s traffic grew and grew. It became a phenemonenon over night.

But one day I’d realized how far it had gone, how it affected people’s lives, and I made a difficult decision to close it.

That time will live on as a memory. The journey continues.