Dear Xfinity Authorized Dealers, Xfinity (Comcast), DirecTV & Dish Authorized Dealers, DirecTV & Dish:

In hundreds of Walmart locations across the country, customers are accosted by authorized dealer representatives of Cable TV and Satellite companies. In recent months these representatives have gotten more aggressive, chasing down customers, running unauthorized credit checks, and in some cases driving customers to Target and other retailers.

The reps often work in pairs which has been proven to be intimidating to single shoppers. Managers and employees of WalMart alike have commented off-the-record that these tactics are frustrating for them and customers alike. Management has stated to me that WalMart corporate is responsible for these employees being in the store.

It is only a matter of time before something bad happens. If these reps get too aggressive – despite WalMart’s call for no fire arms being carried by customers in-store, I am afraid something will happen. “No” means “No” whether it’s sexual assault, #metoo, or these aggressive sales representatives. If they were rapists, many customers would have been raped already since customers flee from them like women from rapists and like many rape victims, customers also say these reps don’t know that ‘no means no’.

In my own experience I’ve had DirecTV dealer reps run my credit without my permission. I’ve also explained to Xfinity reps that Comcast’s own engineers have estimated a rollout to my residence at $400,000 after which the rep said ‘how long ago was that?’ while chasing me into the next department.

Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, and WalMart have a responsibility to their brands and their customers to change the way these representatives behave.