The truth behind Marsha Cashburn's stance against municipal broadband.

Brian McBride reveals some numbers that may be  behind Marsha Cashburn’s stance on FCC intervention on municipal broadband legistation

Marsha Blackburn has spoken out against FCC attempts to un-do state and local blocks to municipal broadband. Municipal Broadband is an attempt to allow local municipalities to provide broadband access alternatives to the bigger companies. The FCC, I believe has a duty to enable these opportunities.

Dear Ms. Cashburn:

Your view in the Tennessean regarding “It’s states’ job to decide on broadband”  reminds me of conservative’s view of liberals free speech: free speech if you agree with me. Right now you saying it’s the state’s job to decide on broadband – in situation where many states and municipalities are banning municipal broadband.

What happened to free market and competition? You are effective squashing it. What you have also failed to disclose is that you received many many contributions from the broadband companies who oppose municipal broadband . Brian McBride pointed out on the article’s comment section that your contributions break out as follows: “A helpful disclosure that Rep. Blackburn failed to include in her article. She received campaign contributions from AT&T – $10,000; Verizon – $11,000; National Cable and Telecommunications Association – $10,000; Comcast $7,500; Time Warner Cable – $6,000.”.  That’s why I call you Marsha Cashburn.

The FCC wants to open up broadband to all competitors. You want to allow states and municipalities to restrict it. So in a sense you are opposing the free enterprise system. Now if the FCC were banning municipal broadband in favor of the big companies then it would be different. But for once, the government is trying to enable a free market system and you are trying to stand in the way. Over $42,000 in cashburned to keep you in office. Is that the price to block municipal broadband? Is this the same as your Net Neutrality stance?