Off Broadway is more like Off Customer Service. They were very intimidating trying to get me to leave.

As a person of color I found this entire incident very intimidating. On Wednesday August 18, 2021 at 5:54 I arrived at the Opry Mills Mall to shop at Off Broadway Shoes. Google showed the Opry Mills Mall to be open until 8pm and I verified this with Opry Mills Mall Customer Service.

They are posting for employees – I hope they get more customer oriented employees.

The gate was part way down at Off Broadway Shoes but it was only 5:54. There was a sign that said Off Broadway Shoes was closing at 6pm that evening. I figured I would have 6 minutes to find my shoes.  I desperately needed a pair of 10 ½ dress shoes for a funeral the next day at 11am.

The staff member and security staff member at the front refused to let me shop. They repeatedly told me they were closed but I advised them that it was 5:54 and I had 6 minutes. They kept yelling trying to tell me they were closed but I headed back to the Men’s area and a staff member gave me the exact pair of shoes I neded once I told them the situation.

$59 Shoes – the best I could do in 5 minutes when they were yelling at me and trying to deny me entry.

I went to the register and paid – and promply left. I didn’t price compare or try any on. I just left. I felt VERY unwelcome. I worked in a shopping mall from age 16-25 and I remember specifically I had to serve every last customer even if they walked in at 1 minute to close. Customer service may not be the same now as it was in the 1990’s. Back then the customer was everything.

I felt VERY unwelcome. I was already stressed because of my situation. But the staff at the front were very unwelcoming and unsympathetic.  I used to shop at Off Broadway Shoes a lot. I hadn’t been there in a while. I wear Converse shoes mostly. I find the Converse outlet in the same mall much more welcoming of me – I am a person of color – customer friendly, and an overall more pleasant experience.

I bought a $60 pair of shoes in 5 minutes. Some customers don’t buy anything after 20 minutes of customer service in some stores. But this store was very customer unfriendly.