Several of you have read the post about the Optimus L9 from T-Mobile – I shared it with T-Mobile Executive Customer Service on 12/19.  On 121/19 Nathan Koenig from T-Mobile asked for my account # or phone # to follow up.  On 12/20 I sent the entire bill as a PDF to him. I have not heard a response yet from Nathan Koenig or T-Mobile and it’s been a week.

When they don’t hear from a customer they cut off service but when a customer doesn’t hear from them….should they be cut off and forced to pursue ETF?

T-Mobile Customer Service is whack. I haven’t gotten a free L9, a free explanation, or even a free return email / phone call….C’mon T-Mobile.  I guess this is the kind of service you get AFTER you renew your contract. .