Uber operates illegally

Uber operates illegally

Who’s ogling Nashville? Uber. Who’s smarter than Nashville, Nevada.

A Nevada court cares more about it’s citizens and tourists than Nashville seems to. They have shut down Uber.

Court-ordered shutdown and another privacy bombshell hit Uber this week

The past couple of weeks have been turbulent for ride-sharing company Uber. In the legal arena, Uber was ordered to suspend all operations in the state of Nevada, after a district court judge in Washoe County granted the state’s request for a court order shutting Uber down for noncompliance with state laws regulating commercial motor carriers and transportation services.

Nashville loves the attention of having Lyft and Uber in it’s airports but has little regard for the safety and lives of it’s citizens and tourists.  Nevada put lives first and attention second. Nevada has it’s priorities straight. Nashville allows itself to be manipulated. Nevada just took a stand.

Nashville loves being considered ‘ahead of the trend’ and an ‘innovator’ which Lyft and Uber shower it with attention on but one only needs to look in other cities where Lyft and Uber are not welcome – and the ride sharing services defy ‘cease and desist’ notices and stand in defiance, often operating illegally. It’s all fun and games, but when a city wisens up and regulates, the gloves come off, the compliments dissapear and Lyft  / Uber go to war. We call that manipulation.  And Nashville is about as manipulated as they come when it comes down to Lyft and Uber.