Panera Bread Madison TN

1799 Gallatin Pike North  Madison, TN 37115
(615) 860-8522

In my continued travels I come to a favorite – Panera Bread – Madison, TN. Panera offers Wifi, Food, and is conveniently located beside the Rivergate Mall / Toys R Us / Hobby Lobby and Staples.

Panera has outstanding food, let me be clear. The French Onion Soup is “to die for” and one of the best dishes ever. Their rewards program is second to none, accumulating rewards MUCH faster than other programs I’m a part of.

Panera French Onion Soup

Panera French Onion Soup at Madison, TN Rivergate Location

The staff at this location, especially management is amazingly friendly, fast, and welcoming. No question. Joe works hard and can be seen working hard at the counter, in the dining area, etc. I’ve never seen a harder “working-manager” than he and he is an asset to Panera.

The atmosphere is nice, quiet, away from any college congestion and business hubs. It’s a nice escape spot with food, warmth, and WiFi.

Speaking of the WiFi though, it is on the slower end. I tried to load a Google Adwords PPC management dashboard without success. Panera also limits WiFi from 11am-2pm making it impossible to do a long stretch, a direct opposite of Starbucks which is installing power stations in a few test stores

  • I asked Brotman whether wireless charging, along with free WiFi, might encourage customers to hang around even longer in Starbucks stores. His response: “We want people to feel welcome and stay as long as they want to.”)

Panera on the other hand makes it clear by the WiFi usage policy that long term stays aren’t encouraged which is ashamed considering the amount of money that can be spent throughout the day by a wandering tech worker. That’s not a reflection on this location but Panera in general and I think short-sighted.

Power Outlets are plentiful, there’s two in booths nearby, one if you snake it around the  Rewards Center area plus one near the fireplace. There may be more but these were the obvious ones. Fortunately today I had my spare battery with me which got me by until a booth opened up.  As far as outlets go, it’s definitely the place to come to recharge.

Overall, Panera in Madison, TN is a nice way to end the day, after the WiFi limit is lifted and my heavier lifting online is done. I can sit, enjoy the amazing French Onion Soup, redeem my Panera Rewards, and do a little work that is mixed online and off.