300 Indian Lake Boulevard #340  Hendersonville, TN 37075
(615) 264-0183 – Barnes and Noble at the Streets of Indian Lake

I started working “remote” doing search engine optimization a few weeks back and started touring all the WiFi hot spots I could find. Today I’m going to start blogging that tour with the Barnes and Noble at Indian Lake, Hendersonville, TN. This Nashville area hot spot is located in a newly constructed shopping village.

This Barnes and Noble has a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a typical quiet book store with a larger than average seating area. The table seems a little high to the chair but over all it’s good.

The Wifi is a little on the weaker side, probably not for the most intense work, more casual surfing. I tried to load Google’s PPC campaign monitor in Safari and it took a little bit. Youtube loaded eventually as well.

The food I tried here was a Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie which was absolutely delicious especially heated.

Staff hospitality also scored high as I asked for a tray liner to use as a mousepad and they happily gave me one. ¬†There was one power outlet I found, so it doesn’t score high there if you’re on a low battery.

So overall the atmosphere is great, the staff is great, but as for WiFi strength, and power outlets, I probably can’t stay for an extended period of time.