or "Travel like a human trafficker"??!!!  AirBnB is dangerous to landlords, tenants, homeowners and renters. Nashville is after the revenue. But will it ensure the safety of those owners, renters,and tenants?

Much like Uber and Lyft  both touting background checks and expanded insurance policies (but when incidents happen they claim they are ‘software companies, not transportation companies’ and weasle out of paying) , the anarchist decentrilzation Bitcoin AirbnB Lyft Uber crazies have hit Nashville

Consumerist is running a story that every East Nashville homeowner, landlord and tenant considering ABnB use should read – a disaster of a flush at an AirBnB host shows AirBnB will NOT pay the guarentee and that owner / landlord property may be damaged in the process:

“Despite AirBNB’s Host Guarantee, which promises to pay for up to $1 million in damages, the woman says she’s left footing the bill.
According to the woman, an email she received from AirBNB said the company would only pay for the $78 plumber’s fee.
The email details that the woman’s claim was denied because the Host Guarantee only covers the actual rented unit and is void if more guests stay after the damage is incurred.” – ““Don’t Flush Feminine Products” Signs In AirBNB Rentals? $10,000 In Damages Makes A Good Cases

Without AirBnB’s guarantee, if something goes wrong, the host could come after the renter. It’s better as a renter to stick to an established hotel. You don’t know what condition the plumbing, facilities,  are in and if AirBnB doesn’t pay up, I think you might have to. There’s no where else for the host to turn.

 AirbnB,  already a sizzle club for spontaneous brothels  (Nashville is ALREADY a hot bed for the Sex Trade, check out WKRN’s Story: “Study sheds light on sex trafficking in Nashville ” – Air Butts N Breasts is what AirBnb   rentals are used for in New York.

Airbnb finds fans, but raises concerns, in Music City

Metro Nashville Council Woman Burkley Allen hosted a meeting regarding ABnB concerns in Nashville.  New rules could target Airbnb, others in Nashville  .  I wish councilwoman Burkley Allen had responded to our numerous attempts to contact city council about Lyft and Uber in Nashville. None the less at least Nashville’s willing to look closer at this latest unregulated-succeptable-to-criminal use enterprise.  Ms. Allen may wish to read up on Uber and Lyft’s damage that has already been done in other cities.

It’s also hard to say if the homeowner, landlord, tenant or ABnB tenant would be responsible for any human trafficking / prostitution or other crimes occurring within a property. Nashville homeowners, landlords and renters should stay far away from AirBnb.