After no response from Dollar General via phone, the refusal of any follow up information, I have sent an email to Richard Dreiling of Dollar General:


Dear Mr. Dreiling:

As a Nashvillian I was disappointed at the unresponsiveness of Dollar General to my phone calls and inquiries about an incident I had on the highway on 65N / Trinity Lane with one of the carriers that bears the Dollar General Logo. And while they may be contracted carriers, Dollar General’s brand is being extended to Dollar General’s benefit. In response to my inquiries, Dollar General refused to allow me to follow up with anybody, has not returned my calls or responded to my electronic communications. I am deeply disappointed  and I in the past have even been to your Goodletsville office on other business. I have been a vendor of Dollar General in the past and your company was responsive to me both when I was working with two homeless kids by donating things to us to help them take care of them as well as after the death of Clarence, a Dollar General Manager who was killed leaving Dollar General a few years back.
Please help me understand why Dollar General has placed such a low value, less than a $1 on my life and not responded to me at all. They have the ability to at least respond to me but have chosen to treat me like a fifty cent used piece of gum. I used to respect Dollar General esp the district / operations manager Michelle, the late Clarence, and the many Dollar Generals across TN that I visited as a vendor for Crossmark / Nielsen Marketing.