201 Rudy’s Circle

Nashville TN 37214
Phone: 615-391-3246

This is a return visit under the leadershp / ownership of Clark Gray of McGrayco. Formerly Ted Bertuca of the Bertuca Organization.  Original visit can be  found here:

As I approached the counter, it seemed fine. I’d even say ‘improved’ since my last visit. And then the trouble begins.


The store…reasonably empty.

I placed my order for a #16 value meal large sized. I was asked what sauces I wanted and replied “Bar-B-Q sauce”. I was asked if I wanted anything else and I said yes, I was deciding. While I was deciding the cashier (pictured below) was entertaining another customer and failed to pay attention to me stating I wanted 2 hamburgers. I waited for her to finish entertaining her customer / guest / employee when she asked again if I wanted anything else. I told her I had already said “2 hamburgers”. There was no apology, they just said ‘that’s how they ….’ some kind of phrase.

When my food came up my fries were stark cold. My nuggets were on the tray. The server had to ask what sauce I wanted and I had to request my drink cup. I was grilled what size I ordered at which point I asked them what the point was of ordering if no one knew what I ordered? The girl who took my order did not give me a drink cup.

[picture removed]
This cashier was more interested in entertaining another guest than completing my order. After the order was completed, other employees had to ask ME what my order was to complete it. This should not be the case. If that was the case I should just come behind the counter and complete my order myself and pay myself their hourly wage to do

The manager, who was chit chatting with other employees by the french fry fryer came over and asked if there was an issue after I snapped a picture of the counter. I advised her that I do reviews of visits and that there were some issues. She issued me a coupon so I could come back. I advised her I’d check back in a few months to see if things had improved.

I am deeply disappointed in this location. I expect as a customer I have the full attention of the cashier in order to place an order. I do not expect to be second priority to someone being entertained.  Once again I emphasize this is a tourist location – the Rockettes show is going on down the road.