Mixed bag, no pun intended. They charge .50 cent surcharge for credit card purchases under $5.  This was made legal recently but the stipulation, which I don’t think Music City Candy & Ice Cream meets is “Merchants can only charge so high a fee relative to the average annual cost of transactions.”  With it conditional only on certain dollar amounts it seems more geared toward hitting a certain margin which absorbs the fee or encouraging upsells, which is more of what it does.

I was in line behind someone last week who’s card didn’t work, then they came back w/cash and I spent 10 minutes while the cashier tried to figure out what to do w/the .50 cent surcharge which was in the system but not collected. This is just one pitfall of why these fees are only used by mom and pops and not professional businesses like WalMart.  The better move is to increase your product price to cover the fee. Then once I finally did get up, they don’t have the calculation for the ‘candy by weight’ other than 1/4lb, 1/2lb, 1lb, etc. So if you get anywhere between 1/4 and 1/2 you either add or put back, and it took another 5 minutes for the cashier to adjust the size of my bag.

A better option here would be a good old fashion calculator – if a lb is 2.99, then multiply out 2/3*2.99 to get the actual cost and have Square configured for a variable product cost. Lastly  I was also delayed by the SAME associate who had to wait on laundry customers next door. I think the lesson here is it’s a neat shop but not ready to be open for business in the 21st century. It needs adequate staffing, calculators, and the surcharge worked into the actual product cost the way most professional businesses handle it.  It must have taken me 30 minutes to get out the door with one bag of candy.  They should have planned better, and waited another year until they were ready to hire adequate help, calculate the surcharges, and do math with the calculator.

A better option for Ice Cream – who also uses Square as a payment system is Mike’s (downtown Nashville). For Candy, there are places in Rivergate and Cool Springs mall as well as a small selection at the Green Hills Kroger.  Avoid this place at all costs – even if you don’t use a credit card, you may get stuck behind someone who does – and then you’ll be waiting QUITE A WHILE.