¬†Question: Why is it all over the place that Mt. Juliet’s animal shelter is losing staffing and closed to the public except by appointment?

WKRN | News Channel 5 | Wilson Post

If you lose your animal, the shelter is the first place you look. If you are looking for an animal the shelter is the first place you go to adopt. And if you follow the advice of the Price is Right’s Drew Carey (and Bob Barker, who recently made an appearance on the show) it’s where you go to find out about how to get your pet spayed or neutered, thereby controlling the pet population and the costs of this center.

Why in the world would you cut funding to it? It’s only going to cause the animal population to increase, and create a cascading domino effect. More animals, less people, less time. Those who lose their animals will just buy or breed more, those who are searching for animals to adopt will go to pet stores instead of the shelter, increasing the total animal population in Mt. Juliet, and without referrals to spay / neuter services, the costs over all of animals in Mt. Juliet will increase.

Nashville already has a dismal record with euthanization compared to the nation and it was my understanding Mt. Juliet bucked that trend with a low-kill rate. Why go back now? The South already has a dismal record of a greater concern with shooting animals for sport than, well anything. It’s a stereotype but all the same.

This move puts Mt. Juliet in line with Nashville Metro in terms of it’s backwards approach and high-euthanization rate. Essentially this amounts to a potential mass-extermination of animals at the center in the years to come.

http://archive.tennessean.com/article/20130224/NEWS01/105090001/Nashville-animal-control-kills-78-percent-stray-animals – Nashville 78%, Austin TX, 9%, Mt Juliet ??!!!

http://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/nation/2013/03/11/1979033/ – USA Today brings national attention Nashville didn’t need.

Why are you doing this? Can’t you restore funding and cut something else? This will have repercussions especially in the ecosystem.

Though you are a small community, you are well known. Respectfully, isn’t there something you can do? Increase Taxes would be a good start, it’s not popular but for a growing city…necessary. You can’t make cuts for long, eventually there will be nothing left to cut.

Just some thoughts from a non-Mt-Juliet-er.