One of many stray kitties in the Middle TN area.

One of many stray kitties in the Middle TN area.

Mt Juliet is at it again. After cutting staff and hours at the shelters last April, they are now banning kittens from the shelter.  As reported by WKRN’s Jessica Jaglois,  , protests abound.

(Editors note: After publication Jessica Jalois pointed out that “the shelter isn’t banning kittens. If kittens are dumped or if a kitten is injured, the shelter will take them. ” )

Cat lovers in Mt. Juliet asked the city to overturn the police chief’s decision to no longer allow most cats at the animal shelter at the Board of Commissioners Monday night.” Cat lovers protest decision to turn away felines from shelter

We have found some troubling inconsistancies with the statements made by the police chief in this report:

“Our men and women are being killed out here,” he told the commissioners. “We’re dealing with some serious issues out here and that’s not to minimize cats, but let’s put this in the proper perspective.” Chief Hambrick as reported by WKRN.


Yes, let’s get some perspective.  Let’s look at the number of people being killed out here:– Look at the statistics. 1 murder within the reporting period.

Let’s look at some historical statistics: – where are the men and women being killed out there??!!!  Historically 2001-2006 3 murders – 3 in 2003, none in 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006.

“But Hambrick stands by his decision. What’s more, he said that if the city gave him more money he would promptly use it to amp up his police force.”  – as reported by WKRN.

But what does Hambrick say when Mt Juliet ranks in the top 10 safest Tennessee cities in 2014? Completely different tine:

 “It’s nice to know that our city was recognized by the independent study as being one of the safest in Tennessee,” said MJPD Chief James Hambrick. “We have a great police force and strong support from our elected officials, but it’s our people and community that create such a safe environment. Everybody cares about each other here” “Mt. Juliet ranks in top 10 safest Tennessee cities”

But in 2016 he says, when defending not taking in cats, “”Our men and women are being killed out here,” – statistics prove Hambrick WRONG. So if he got more money…

If Hambrick will spend more money for his police force, what on earth for??!! He’s already stated how safe the city is in the Mt Juliet News, the statistics bear out how safe it is. What is the real issue here “Our men and women are being killed out here” – only 1 murder during the recent reporting period, so was it a man or woman?  Can’t be men and women as he claims. It was only one or the other. It’s not both. The statistics don’t lie. Yet I don’t want to say Hambrick is a liar. One of these claims is wrong.

Something doesn’t check out with this.

The question is…why? We respect the work of the police and no doubt Chief Hambrick does a great job but this is also not consistent with reports in the Tennessean and WSMV where totally different reasons, namely dogs, are given as well as staff being restored to the shelter.  The reasons supplied in this latest report clash with historical statistics of Mt Juliet.

Update: In recent articles (but not statistically reported) there were 2 murders reported in January 2014 by WSMV (2 deaths in Mt Juliet ruled murder-suicide). Still pretty low numbers given Hambrick’s statement about the safety of Mt Juliet in 2014.


From the Save the Mt Juliet Animal Shelter Cats Facebook Page:

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