phoneMobile Device Repair  136 TN-76, White House, TN 37188

Not recommended. Mobile Device Repair in White House TN took over cell phone repairs and warranties for Experimac in Madison, TN.  I recommend places for screen repairs on a regular basis to customers but will not be recommending this place.

Mobile Device Repair was called upon when Experimac closed in Madison for an Iphone 5 repair. They put in a new screen but made absolutely NO mention about a warranty change. A few months later the screen became unseated / unsealed from the phone’s housing and went out. I brought it to Mobile Device Repair thinking they could fix the phone and if it was the screen, it could be warrantied out. It turned out it was the screen they put in, with their workmanship and labor, but they refused to honor their work. They asked for $80 after which time THAT work would be warranted.

So essentially they may have rushed through my phone since it was a warranty job from a business they were happy to take customers from, but won’t honor the work done for it.

Based on that I recommend Lifeline in Hillsboro (Green Hills) or Experimac in Franklin. I was told by Experimac that not all screen replacements are the same and this definitely proves it. You need to go where the work will be honored and guaranteed, not where they slap on a screen then say ‘too bad’ when it falls off the phone. Whether it was warranty work from Experimac or not, it should be honored since it was their two hands that were on it.